Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Nieuws uit Actiekamp Ter Apel, 22 mei: WIJ BLIJVEN

Ter Apel Camp News Bulletin 
Tuesday 22 May


Iraqis all refuse to give up the camp. Somali’s take time to decide.

Today the parliament  voted against a proposal to review all cases of  Iraqi asylants. Minisiter Leers tried to convince a delegation of the campers to return voluntarily and to give up the camp. His offer to give shelter for three weeks was rejected and the Iraqis will stay  in the camp in ter Apel. The Minister thinks he can make a deal with his Iraqi counterpart in three weeks.
The Somali group is talking all day about the situation and may reach a decision in the night.

The leadership of the Iraqi’s wants another meeting with Mayor Kompier and is also considering going to court against a possible violent eviction og the camp.

Yesterday the mayor once again  came to the camp. She told Ahmed Mustafa of M2M that she wanted to see the situation and to know what we need. She said she was proud of the fact that the camp is still growing in size.

Health situation

Six people are waitingsince last Saturday for a dentist to relieve their pain. Today two Dutch women worked hard to find a dentist in the neighbourhood, but nothing worked. M2M talked with dentist van de Beemt in Emmen. He explained that this is a very special situation and that the mayor should organize a table meeting to solve the problem.

Transport initiative

Many people want to come and help but don't have transport. Others come by car and can take passengers. To travel together we use a website called datumprikker, date picker in English. It is open for all to use:

The Internet connection is working again, after an interruption a day. Now only problem is that this public service is interrupted when the generator stops, when the petrol is finished. But we can produce our own information service to the world. And see what the world says about us.