Thursday, 17 May 2012

News on internet in Ter Apel

This morning we got a message from the Ter Apel internet crew that the internet connection that they are trying to create is not yet working. As Jo explains: "We have to make it happen with the 3G network, with laptops and smartphones. We do have a router with a SIM-slot, so an extra SIM with full blown subscription would be great. In addition, we need 12 Volt batteries, e.g. from a car".

Anybody who wants to offer their help, let us know by emailing to, or call directly to Jo: 06 51 06 9318. 

We want to thank the two people who offered a generator and computer and electrical equipment (4me) to our tent camp. They brought it all the way to Ter Apel themselves in order to provide us with internet!

The internet crew expects to have internet working this afternoon or evening. 

You can allready listen to the M2M radio and check our facebook, vluchtelingenopstraa,t for several links to  people who have made streamers (video + radio) about the action.